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Pryors Hayes Golf Club

This was where it all started. This was our first buid. Freddy Valenti our founder and PGA Professional was the Head professional at Pryors Hayes Golf Club in cheshire and like many teaching professionals relied on tuition for the his sole income.

Winter struggles

Now as a great teacher and player of the game Freddy became frustrated in the winter times as there was no driving range to shelter the poor weather and no floodlights when the clocks changed so he was trying to cram all of his lessons into the day and working every saturday and sunday however this does not suit most golfers as a popular time for lessons is after work and in the evening as they want to be out on the golf course on the weekend.

Something had to be done

Freddy envied the professionals who had swing room built onto there professional shops but there was simply no space for this at Pryors Hayes golf club as the used every bit of space they had to cater for their customers and also where a popular wedding venue choice.

Freddy decided to embark on a project of building his own driving range and swing room so that he could teach in the evening and in bad weather and never looked back.

Word got out

Freddy is friendly with many golf professionals and word got out of what he had done and many professional golfers in the same predicament as Freddy was where keen to pop their head round the corner to see what was going on.

Soon after he got many enquiries if Freddy could build a Driving Range Bay and swing studio for them and Golf Driving Bays Was born.

 The Build

As this was our first build it took a little longer to source our team we sourced out our electricians and builders on this projects and added carpet and lighting to teach at night. Also installed was a roller shutter, path and signage.

Time Scale

The build from start to finish was 4 weeks. time scale now is much quicker as Freddy and the team have perfected the process.


” It was the best thing I had ever done for my tuition business. I saw a problem and fixed it and was busier than ever. I never thought I had hit upon a gap in the market and a service which golf professionals where crying out for. I was simply thinking of how I could teach for longer in the winter and bad weather. I have never given so many lessons over the winter months and at night time”