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Eaton Golf Club

Bill Tye the Head Professional at Eaton Golf Club contacted me regarding the possibility of building a driving range and swing studio.

Problem Solved

This has been something he and the club want to do for a long time for 2 reasons . To encourage club members to come and use the facilities to practice more through the winter months and to increase Bills Tuition Activity.

Bill Like many pros had nowhere to teach at night or if the weather was poor and lost countless lessons throughout the year due to these problems.

Gallery of the fantastic new addition at Eaton Golf Club

The Build

After meeting up with Bill and the committee members and taking into consideration budget and space for this new facility they decided to opt for the 3 bay option with a swing studio as an addition. 4 bay option in all.

Time Scale

Once the go ahead was approved by the committee we started the build at Eaton Golf Club on the 23rd August and it took from start to finish, 4 weeks in total.

Other Additions which we organised

As part of the overall service we have many partners in the golf industry which offer us special rates on items such as launch monitors video analysis software, electric shutter, lighting, carpeting and range matt’s, ball dispensers etc.

Eaton’s additions where:

  • Projector hit net
  • Electric Roller shutter
  • high grade grass like carpet ( swing room)
  • Ball dispenser
  • Bespoke bay dividers


Just a note to thank you for the help and guidance in installing my new Indoor Teaching Bay.

This has made a huge impact at the club and at a time where trade is not easy it has definitely helped me to attract more customers with having the Launch monitor and the teaching has been very busy and for the first time ever I am looking forward to the winter when I think the new teaching facility will make an even bigger difference.

I am very pleased with the building and was impressed with how quickly it was put up and the standard of work.

Total Cost of Eaton Golf Driving Bay = £37,995